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REVERIE leaves Hyperallergic "mesmerized"

We're so excited to share Hyperallergic's preview of Satellite, where Monica Uszerowicz visited ArtW at The Parisian and shared this in her review:

I was mesmerized by Anita Glesta’s immersive installation. Constructed with dreamy projections and moving images, REVERIE is dedicated to the nature of the heart, intimacy, the clandestine, and the quiet things that happen in a hotel room. Couples intertwined and reaching for each other are projected onto the floor, where the bed would be; small videos built into pizza boxes are stored in a refrigerator; body parts, like feet and small hearts,come in the form of resin objects, drawings, or spinning images in a video projected on the wall. Glesta has included a sonogram of her own heartbeat, and the sound is comparable to entering a womb. Mirrors everywhere mean the images and sounds move around you, as if you were in a heart itself. I felt, momentarily, very sad, as if I, too, was longing for a beating heart with whom to share a pizza.

Check out the rest of Monica's review of all the innovative projects at Satellite this year, over at Hyperallergic, and don't forget to come by and see us!